plasma sterilizer

Plasma Sterilizer
Manufacturer: Plassmap
Made in Korea
Plasmapp owns more than 40 medical and industrial patents filed and granted globally - many of which are integrated into the STERLINK® suite including Linear Jet Plasma Source (LJPS®) and vaporizers.
Basic features:
- Quick sterilization 7 minutes
- Compact design
- One-touch operation
- Real time monitoring
Low temperature plasma sterilizer Disinfect a wide range of medical devices
The world's first direct injection bag with patented sterilization technology has been applied.
SAL is validated to ensure the sterilization stability of medical devices.
(SAL: Aseptic guarantee level)
Can disinfect such as:
Metal tools
The battery
Scope / endoscopy hard and soft
Endoscopic tools
Examination of larynx and blade
Eye lens
Electric tools
Surgical drill
Esophageal relaxants
Ultrasonic probe