Hematocrit ly tâm

The Gold Standard for determining hematocrit values!
Today, determining hematocrit values using centrifugation is still acknowledged as the Gold Standard (cf. DIN 58933-1*). In fact, the main area of application for hematocrit centrifuges is the determination of volume fraction of erythrocytes in blood. For this purpose, blood in hematocrit capillaries is centrifuged until maximum packed  cell volume has been reached. Following centrifugation, the hematocrit value can be read using a special evaluation disc.

Preparing blood for photometric determination of bilirubin content in plasma and centrifuging special capillaries for quantitative Buffy Coat Analysis are further areas of application for this special-purpose centrifuge.

DIN 58933-1: Haematology - Procedure for determining the volume fraction of erythrocytes (packed cell volume) in blood - Part 1: Reference method based on centrifugation