Microlitre Centrifuges

Rapid results in microlitre tubes!
Thanks to their unique scope of performance, microlitre centrifuges are mainly used in molecular biology, microbiology and genetic research. In fact, anywhere where high speeds are necessary to separate small-volume mixtures. Angle rotors for reaction tubes of up to a max. of 2 ml are standard equipment for this centrifuges. They generate centrifugal acceleration rates of over 30,000 x g. Depending on the size of the rotors, between 12 and 48 reaction tubes per run can be centrifuged. For PCR tubes or PCR strips, suitable adapters and special rotors are available. Rotors whose lids are equipped with a bio-containment feature ensure maximum safety from dangerous aerosols. 
* TÜV certified in conformity with DIN EN 61010, Part 2 - 020