Ultra Freezers -86 ° C

sfaDeep freezer -80oC
Model: NEXUS
Manufacturer: Angelantoni
Origin: Italy


The complete series includes models of 340, 530 and 810 liter vertical freezers with blind door execution with mechanical key lock and optionally equipped with opening through a personal ID card with RFID technology (BIOGUARD®). Inside, the freezers offer, in different configurations, counter doors that limit heat exchange to a minimum when the main door is opened

The working temperature is -80 ° C.

The structure of the NEXUS V line is equipped with CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, injected at high density, 140 mm thick with the exception of the NexusSlim 810 model whose insulation is made from a combination of vacuum panels (VIP) and PU foams. whose overall thickness is 70 mm.

The electronic board is of the latest generation, with a 7-inch full color touch screen display, complete with a system for recording parameters.

All recorded data can be transferred to a computer via USBdrive, or with WiFi / Ethernet / 3G network technologies available through the use of special accessory modules.

It is also possible to transfer and store the same data on a dedicated ALS server through the CLOUD service made available.

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